NILI Aviation, Inc.

Our Mission is to Keep you Flying 24 Hrs A Day 365 Days A Year

Around the World

NILI AVIATION uses a state of the art information network system that allows a detailed date of our transactions and analysis of current market trends in the business. This new system was specifically customized for the aviation industry to enhance and improve all facets of our operations. From receiving your requests for quotation to shipping the items, we make sure everything is in place and double checked in cross reference with the generated computer data from our system.

We keep it Flying

We supply parts of commercial aircraft and other related products to airlines around the world since 2004. Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida Satellite offices in Dubai-UAE

Guaranteed Quality

Our partner workshop is a repair station certified by the FAA and EASA, authorized by the State Department and approved by ITAR. We are committed to providing superior services and products.

Around the World

Satellite offices in Dubai. Through these offices, we are available 24 hours a day worldwide, to process orders and ship parts overnight.

Repair Station

Our partner repair station is a full-service facility with hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, electronic and mechanical landing gear capabilities that provide 24/7 service to our customers.

premier full service supplier

NILI AVIATION is constantly striving to be a premier full service supplier for all our selected airline customers worldwide. To that end, we are always establishing additional distributorship agreements that will compliment our existing affiliations.

Our Team is
Available 24/7

Quality above all is a foremost important title in our industry. This is why NILI AVIATION has adopted this motto and strives to achieve it to the highest standards.

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